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National Radiation Oncology Registry


The ROI, in partnership with ASTRO, is developing the National Radiation Oncology Registry (NROR), the first of its kind for radiation oncology. A national registry comprised of standardized aggregated data on therapies used to treat specific types of cancers and outcomes achieved would yield invaluable benchmarking measures, best practices, comparative effectiveness treatments, "patterns of care" and identify gaps in quality. Prostate cancer was selected as the initial disease site int he NROR pilot.

NROR Mission

The NROR mission is to improve the care of cancer patients by collecting reliable information on treatment delivery and health outcomes.

Purpose of the NROR

  1. To compare care for cancer patients with similar profiles and disease states.
  2. To identify best practices and potential gaps in care.
  3. To create a population-based health services registry.

Pilot in Prostate Cancer

A network of motivated pilot centers has been assembled to participate in the pilot program in prostate cancer for this important initiative. Thirty pilot sites were selected to provide a representative mix of radiation treatment modalities, facility type, geographical setting, regional location and patient volume. The information technology infrastructure for the NROR database is currently being constructed and beta testing is well under way.

Questions about the NROR can be directed to Maryam Mojarrad.