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Founders' Circle

  • The Founders' Circle is a special giving club for those who have invested in the future of the ROI by making a significant financial commitment. With grateful appreciation we acknowledge the generosity of our distinguished investors.

    Investors - $2,000,000+

    American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
    Varian Medical Systems

    Visionary - $1,000,000+


    Trustees - $250,000+

    The Juan A. del Regato Foundation
    Deborah A. Kuban, MD
    Colleen and Patrick Lawton
    Radiation Business Solutions  

    Benefactors - $100,000+

    David and Lisa Auerbach
    Carl R. Bogardus Jr., MD
    James Cox and Ritsuko Komaki
    Timothy and Karen Guertin 
    Dr. and Mrs. John Halligan
    Louis B. Harrison, MD
    James Peter and Susan Hoey
    Joseph and Suzanne Jachinowski
    Theodore S. and Wendy W. Lawrence 
    Christopher and Randi Rose 
    Terry J. Wall, JD, MD, FACR, FASTRO

    Patrons - $50,000+

    Ross and Roxanne Abrams
    K. Kian Ang
    Jonathan J. Beitler, MD and Mary Katherine Hayes, MD
    T.J. Blair, MD, PhD, FACRO
    K.S. Clifford and Helen Chao
    Ron DiGiaimo
    Thomas J. and Alison M. Eichler
    Patricia J. Eifel and James A. Belli
    Jeffrey D. and Miriam L. Forman 
    Leonard L. and Katheryn V. Gunderson 
    Bruce G. and Kathleen G. Haffty
    Stephen and Lota Hahn
    Francine E. Halberg
    Jay R. Harris
    Feng-Ming (Spring) Kong, MD, PhD, MPH, and Jian-Yue Jin, PhD
    Zhongxing Liao, MD
    Bruce McAllister, MD, MS, FACRO
    Yashbir Mehta, MD
    Ruby Meredith, MD, PhD, FASTRO
    Jeff M. and Sheila M. Michalski
    Drs. Benjamin and Tammy Movsas
    Christine Olsen and Robert Small
    Jatinder R. and Rita Palta
    University of Maryland Radiation Oncology Associates, PA and William F. Regine, MD
    David J. Rickles, MD
    John W. Rieke, MD, FACR, and Gene E. Robertson-Rieke, MS
    Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO
    Dr. and Mrs. William U. Shipley
    Paul and Jody Sperduto
    Charles and Muriel Thomas
    Sujatha and Prabhakar Tripuraneni
    Scott V. Watkins, MD
    Tim R. Williams, MD
    J. Frank and Vera Wilson
    Anthony Zietman, MD, and Alison Brookes, MD

    Mentors - $25,000+

    Paul W. Adams
    Anonymous in honor of Eugene Huang, MD
    Mitch and Sherry Anscher
    John and Dolores Durr Basden
    Carmen Bergom, MD, PhD
    David C. Beyer, MD
    Albert L. Blumberg, MD
    David and Beth Brizel
    Thomas A. Buchholz
    Manjeet Chadha
    C. Norman and Karolynn Coleman
    Elinor and Martin Colman
    Louis S. and Sally J. Constine
    Christopher H. Crane
    Bruce H. Curran, ME, MS
    William E. and Cynthia P. Decker
    Thomas F. DeLaney, MD and Linda K. DeLaney
    Phillip M. Devlin, MD, FACR
    Theodore L. DeWeese, MD, and Bonny DeWeese
    Thomas Dilling, MD, MS
    Daniel Dosoretz, MD
    Robert W. Edland, MD, FASTRO
    Jason and Myriam Efstathiou
    Dr. Charles and Carol Enke
    Beth A. Erickson, MD, FASTRO
    Steven Eric Finkelstein, MD and Lauren Ilene Finkelstein
    Silvia Formenti, MD
    Molly Gabel, MD
    Laurie E. Gaspar, MD
    Eli Glatstein
    Joel and Marlene Goldwein
    Carol A. Hahn
    Eric J. Hall, DSc, PhD, FASTRO
    Paul Harari, MD, FASTRO
    William Hartsell, MD, FASTRO
    James and Carolynn Hayman
    Diane Heaton, MD
    Mary E. Hebert, MD
    Joseph Herman, MD, MSc
    Dr. Karen E. Hoffman
    The Hoppe Family
    Peter R. Hulick, MD, FACR, FASTRO
    Geraldine Jacobson, MD
    Anuja Jhingran
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kasper
    Vivek S. Kavadi, MD
    Drs. Brian and Julia Kavanagh
    Maria D. Kelly, MB, BCh, BAO, FACR
    Michelle Kim
    Paul and Sosa Kocheril
    Albert Koong, MD, PhD, FASTRO
    Michael R. Kuettel, MD, PhD, MBA, FASTRO
    Parvesh Kumar, MD
    Larry E. and Donna M. Kun
    George E. Laramore and Shelley D. Pemberton
    Quynh-Thu Le
    Colleen and W. Robert Lee
    Gerald C. Lowrey, MD, and Sherry A. Broom
    Join Y. Luh, MD, FACP
    Curt Mack, MD
    Patrick and Jill Maguire
    Michael R. Manning, MD
    Lawrence Marks and Caryn Hertz
    Cornelius McGinn, MD
    Stephen J. Milito, MD
    Drew Moghanaki, MD, MPH
    Radhe and Millie Mohan
    Bruce Minsky and Connie Kissinger
    Najeeb and Tara Mohideen
    Dan Moore
    Charles and Caroline Neal
    Julia L. Oh, MD
    Manisha Palta, MD
    Gregory A. Patton, MD
    Arnold Paulino, MD
    Claudia Perez-Tamayo, MD, FACR, FACRO
    Albert Petty, MD
    Theodore L. Phillips
    Alan Pollack
    Louis Potters, MD, and Lenore Brancato, MD
    Bradley Prestidge, MD, MS
    Leonard R. Prosnitz, MD, FACR, FASTRO
    Tyvin A. Rich
    John R. and Theresa M. Russell
    Kenneth J. Russell
    Suzanne Russo, MD, and Roger Ove, MD, PhD
    Santiago and Olga Sallaberry
    Howard Sandler
    Christopher and Geralyn Schultz
    Grant R. Seeger, MD
    Patricia Seid, MD
    Dr. Pedro Serrano – Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center
    Dennis and Annabelle Shrieve
    Malika Siker, MD
    Joseph R. and Eleanor P. Simpson
    William Small Jr., MD, FASTRO
    Michael L. Steinberg, MD, FASTRO
    Craig W. Stevens
    Diana C. Stripp
    Jannifer Stromberg, MD
    John Suh
    Gita Suneja MD, MSHP and Kian Eftekhari, MD
    Christiane Takita, MD, MBA
    James H. Taylor, MD
    Sarah Allen Thurman, MD
    “ TRI” (Therapeutic Radiologists Inc.) Kansas City
    Michael R. Watson, MD
    Henning Willers, MD
    Lynn D. and Nancy G. Wilson

    Friends - $10,000+

    Marc G. Apple, MD
    Luther W. Brady, MD, FASTRO
    Coastal Carolina Radiation Oncology
    Elizabeth Gore, MD
    Nancy Mendenhall, MD, FASTRO, and William Mendenhall, MD, FASTRO
    Cheryl G. Reinhardt

    (Through October 15, 2018)